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US-2482367-A: Trench jack patent, US-2484883-A: Pneumatic shock absorbing cylinder patent, US-2485499-A: Take-off and landing simulating means for grounded aviation trainers patent, US-2490585-A: Electrically operated time lapse traffic signal patent, US-2498914-A: Kick shifter attachment patent, US-2502997-A: Fuel metering device patent, US-2507933-A: Compass checking device patent, US-2510698-A: Radio aerial, particularly for aircraft and other vehicles patent, US-2518988-A: Hydraulic fuse patent, US-2520832-A: Coupler operating rod bracket patent, US-2522963-A: Package of adhesive bandages or the like patent, US-2523011-A: Cooling and feeding means for rotating combustion chambers patent, US-2528431-A: Thread gauge patent, US-2528501-A: Sheath for hunting knives patent, US-2532272-A: Swing hanger pin for railway trucks patent, US-2533121-A: Valve spring compressor patent, US-2534449-A: Reversible jaw for meter boxes and the like patent, US-2546423-A: Rotary mixing valve patent, US-2546426-A: Golf club indicator patent, US-2554344-A: Ironing board pad and cover patent, US-2559347-A: Drying compositions resistant to patent, US-2563133-A: Reaction of polycarboxylic acids and polythiols patent, US-2567910-A: Fungi and bacteria resistant polyvinyl chloride compositions patent, US-2568669-A: Inflatable covering for surfaces patent, US-2568837-A: Corset patent, US-2569494-A: Vehicle fuel tank assembly patent, US-2571211-A: Stop motion resetting device patent, US-2576821-A: Transparent, colorless, colorstable resins of haloacrylic compounds patent, US-2578622-A: Net roller for fishing boats patent, US-2589003-A: Rug patent, US-2600316-A: Air conditioner patent, US-2604811-A: Instrument for testing lateral visual ability patent, US-2609686-A: Air-speed integrator patent, US-2611986-A: Fishing lure patent, US-2624213-A: Differential patent, US-2626368-A: Electrical discharge device of the arc expulsion type patent, US-2634066-A: Guide patent, US-2638970-A: Tubular chair construction patent, US-2642320-A: Journal box lid patent, US-2646353-A: Removal of volatile products from photographic emulsions patent, US-2658966-A: Compression riveter switch patent, US-2666194-A: Warning light for emergency vehicles patent, US-2667608-A: Follow-up type of calibrating means patent, US-2673618-A: Two-stage air eliminator patent, US-2677573-A: Vehicle door closing device patent, US-2679620-A: Line follower patent, US-2690478-A: Circuit arrangement for communication systems, in particular private automatic telephone branch exchanges patent, US-2702785-A: Process of producing hard chromium platings on light metals patent, US-2703889-A: Fastener for garments or the like patent, US-2725202-A: Creel patent, US-2726452-A: Carpenters calculating and lay-out tool patent, US-2736403-A: Metal frame constructions patent, US-2747084-A: Variable band width intermediate frequency system patent, US-2747887-A: Box frame bulkhead patent, US-2748072-A: Apparatus for producing alkali metal hydroxide patent, US-2758821-A: Temperature control for auxiliary compartments for refrigerators patent, US-2765031-A: Storm and screen doors or windows patent, US-2771117-A: Grooving machine patent, US-2783875-A: Fishing tackle receptacle patent, US-2796708-A: Multi-facet selector and stone holder patent, US-2798661-A: Gas turbine power plant apparatus patent, US-2807643-A: Preparation of aromatic acids and salts thereof patent, US-2809460-A: Fishing lure retriever patent, US-2817158-A: Drying helmet or similar device in particular a hair-drying helmet patent, US-2822143-A: Adjustable bracket for supporting umbrella or the like patent, US-2822692-A: Timer patent, US-2833913-A: Torch for gas shielded metal arc welding patent, US-2834898-A: Voltage generator patent, US-2836172-A: Torch patent, US-2844973-A: Remote clutch assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-2847653-A: Safety electric connection patent, US-2858918-A: Pinion and idler gear for ratchet assembly patent, US-2871369-A: Pulse amplitude equalizing system patent, US-2872034-A: Lipstick container patent, US-2889223-A: Stainless steel alloy and method of forming patent, US-2893479-A: Tire truing device comprising hydraulically operated tire support and adjustable cam operated cutting tool patent, US-2896449-A: Fluid flow meters patent, US-2907860-A: Immersion heaters patent, US-2910335-A: Autoamtic counterbalancing system patent, US-2912827-A: Treating high solids sludges patent, US-2915674-A: Pressure relief in lightning arresters patent, US-2918286-A: High pressure spearhead attachment patent, US-2929919-A: Emergency lighting fixture patent, US-2933848-A: Fish lure guide patent, US-2972599-A: Production of resins from unsaturated acetals with trisphenols and tetrakisphenols patent, US-2975918-A: Loading attachment patent, US-2976731-A: Pressure ratio indicating instrument patent, US-2979152-A: Safety apparatus for mobile lifting equipment patent, US-2980995-A: Pruner patent, US-2981408-A: Dispenser for paper sheets patent, US-2987063-A: Swab applicator patent, US-2991407-A: Current supply apparatus patent, US-2993883-A: Production of polymers of ethylene with a catalyst of a chromyl halide, an aluminum halide, and a hydrocarbon metal halide patent, US-2995339-A: Metal cable haulage and hoisting appliance patent, US-2996266-A: Device for obtaining the sustentation of supporting surfaces of aircraft patent, US-2996305-A: Suspension system for track type vehicles patent, US-3003080-A: Apparatus for minimizing energy losses from magnetically confined volumes of hot plasma patent, US-3015199-A: Machine for compressing hay into cakes patent, US-3016658-A: Sharpener and driving means therefor patent, US-3017267-A: Nodular iron manufacture patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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